Charming Disaster, Cautionary Tales

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Charming Disaster is the project of two New York based songwriters, Ellia Blisker and Jeff Moris. The duo makes heavily melodic folk music that is goth as hell In their new record, Cautionary Tales, we get to sit back and listen to a heavily eclectic narrative brew of music that opens with the duo meeting at a seance. The record is focused around the duo’s ability to harmonize off of each other. Blisker and Moris have distinctive and beautiful voices, when brought together the product is something really special. The harmonizing and melodic way of making music is brought out well by usage of finger picked guitar that bridges that gap between folk and blues, piano and the occasional strings. Cautionary Tales is exactly what the album titled indicates, this record is a collection of creative and fantastical tracks.

01) Sympathetic Magic
02) Snake Bit
03) Selene & Endymion
04) Phosphorescent Lilies
05) Ragnarok
06) Little Black Bird
07) Days Are Numbered
08) Infernal Soiree
09) What Remains
10) String Break Song
04/20 Wilmington, NC @ (secret house concert)
04/21 Hillsborough, NC @ Mystery Brewing Company
04/22 York, PA @ (secret house concert)
04/29 New York, NY @ Hell Phone Speakeasy (official album release show)
07/20 New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub

The record comes out officially tomorrow but is streaming with IMPOSE all day today and beyond. You can preorder it now.