Christopher Gold & The New Old Things, You Are A Ghost

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Christopher Gold, singer and songwriter based in Wisconsin, and his band The New Old Things, are ready to release their newest album You Are A Ghost.  The band has produced three albums in each of the past three years and You Are A Ghost comes out on May 13.
With influences as varied as Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones, Gaslight Anthem, and William Elliott Whitmore, Christopher Gold & The New Old Things have a sound that is a blend of rock, rockabilly and country.  They also have written about experiences and life that we have all lived.
“Devils” is a personal favorite.  It’s a quintessential rock song about society and how it seems to be going all to Hell.  “I never used to believe in devils, til they dragged us all to hell.  And they told us we could have all we could carry, we could only carry what they could sell.”  Boisterous and the perfect song to sing at the top of your rebellious lungs.
With a rockabilly bridge, “When I Was Gone” nods to The Mavericks and the age-old question:  will she still love me since I’ve been gone?
“Sad Songs” and “Don’t Feel Like Living” both have a feeling to them that is disguised in both cases by rock beats.  Christopher Gold has captured the self-acceptance that you feel when you see that the life or love that is so familiar doesn’t serve you any more – the time has come to make changes.
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things have created music that makes you think and is the perfect addition to your playlist.

Track List:

  1. Crows
  2. Devils
  3. When I Was Gone
  4. Further South
  5. Sad Songs
  6. The River
  7. Long Highway
  8. Don’t Feel Like Living
  9. Way Out West
  10. Smoke

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