Coca Leaf, "Glaze"

Post Author: JP Basileo

Summer’s THE time to dance and get weird. Coca Leaf, a new(ish) project from the minds of Ben Greenberg, ZZ Ramirez, Carson Cox and Dave Vassallotti, is something of a witch’s brew of cool beats and funk eccentricity, just in time for the most sweltering nights of the year. Their debut album, Deep Marble Sunrise, is out July 16 on Wharf Cat Records, and its closer, “Glaze” is a steady cruiser of a club track, topped off with some sounds and arrangements that might have you scratching your head. A thick bass groove ascends and descends like an unending, indefatigable stairmaster workout, the muck of tone not bothering nobody because, well, you’re high, on another planet. The guitar, or keys, or whatever it is, has a rather uncanny lustre to it, a constant fluctuation of wah and buzz and and a sitar and how are they doing this? And then let’s talk about the drumming. The pinpointed accuracy of the beat, on this song, and the entire record, is live. No machines, just Carson Cox displaying an expertise in disco drumming second to none. Scoop up your jaw from the floor just as the track, and consequently the album, is closing and it makes you want to start the whole thing over again. And again. And this time, dance.