Crown Larks, "Circus Luvv"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Crown Larks come from Chicago with an extensive tour history (300+ shows), and true-to-form DIY spirit.
On May 5th, the group will be releasing Population, their 10-track, sophomore creation, via Already Dead and Satellite Records.
As a heady dose of multi-instrumental, polyrhythmic post punk and psychedelic noise rock it distills their four years of touring into an embrace of the freedom and experimentation of the band’s DIY community. Composed of primary songwriters Jack Bouboushian and Lorraine Bailey, drummer Bill Miller, bassist Matt Puhr and collaborators including saxophonist Curt Oren, the four-piece is for fans of:

  • Oneida, Preoccupations, Guardian Alien
  • Broadcast, Sun Ra, Liars
  • Suicide, This Heat, Dirty Projectors
  • Horse Lords and Can

“Crown Larks as a project embodies a critical and anarchic politics that strives for life-affirming collaboration while leaving room for chaos and idiosyncrasy. Population never settles on dissonance or harmony, simplicity or excess, the tame or the wild. Born of a city whose best music has always confronted structural violence, racism, corruption, and displacement, Population relays messages from fragmented minds lost but laughing in the harsh squall of modernity and the claustrophobic haze of consumerism.”

“Circus Luvv”
It gets weird, and it stays weird. That’s why “Circus Luvv” found its way onto Impose. Unrestrained creative furor is at reign in this production. The ‘runaway synths’ you immediately run into pass a feeling entirely in-line with the circus and its experience. Fun and creepy is a great way to put it. If anything, “Circus Luvv” actually dives deeper into abstraction, layering in more of their vivid experimentation as the track progresses.
You can catch the group on Facebook, and find their music on Bandcamp.