Cyrano – “Afterburns”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Edinburgh-based singer & producer delivers soothing track for late-night over-thinkers

Produced by Foals’ percussionist Kit Monteith, Cyrano’s new single “Afterburn” is a 6-minute slow burn showcasing his ability to create emotional and introspective tracks that leave listeners feeling relaxed and at ease. Setting out to create “music for late-night overthinkers,” “Afterburn” does just that via Cryano’s delicate vocal delivery accompanied by rich and lush synth pads. The multi-instrumentalist displays an indie-rock vibe to the track with its addition of the soft lead guitar riff and heavily-reverbed guitar solo in the instrumental breakdown of the track. The narrator of the song assures their lover that “all they ever wanted was the words in your eyes…” 

“I wanted ‘Afterburns’ to personify my feelings, from the lyrics and melodies to its length and flow,” Cyrano shared. “The whole track is one big thought, and the most idiosyncratic song of my music for the late-night overthinkers. To me, the ‘Afterburns’ of a relationship is when the coals are on the fire, and you’re wondering whether to give it another stoke for a flame. If you spend too much time thinking, it’ll just fade away.” 

In company with his latest single, Cyrano has developed a personality test for listeners by offering up different mixes of “Afterburns” depending on the listener’s response to the quiz. They’ll either be diverted to the Introvert or Extrovert mix of the new single.

“When I was living in Singapore, I was reading a book by Susan Cain called Quiet about introversion and extroversion. At the same time, I was listening over the various mixes I’d been sent of ‘Afterburns’ and I started to feel these qualities within two of the mixes. One felt like the type of song you’d want to sing along to in a festival crowd while the other felt like one for your earphones, and a moment for yourself.”

Cyrano will round off his year by joining Leif Erikson on a UK tour, as he looks to hit the ground running in 2022. You can listen to “Afterburns” below and pre-save the full EP HERE.