Dan Misha Goldman, "Corners"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Los Angeles based artist Dan Misha Goldman, originally from Montreal, has been most recently creating scores for film makers and been half of the duo Snowblink.  He has generated three collections of tunes as a solo artist, winning the KM Hunter award for Luxury Pond, his second effort.
“Corners” is the debut single from his album, Champion of the Afterworld. “Corners” is a beautiful song with a melodic tune and tranquil lyrics that make you feel as if you are in a dream.  With effortlessly sung words, Goldman has created art that can truly act as the background track to your daily life.  A rainy day, perfect fit.  Work in your office, this is your music.  Driving along in traffic, completely appropriate.

Champion of the Afterworld will be released in April, 2017. Keep up with Dan Misha Goldman here.