Dancing The Conga – “Brexit Girl”

Oslo trio delivers electrifying punk anthem

Dancing the Conga (DTC) delivers an electrifying punk anthem with their latest track “Brexit Girl.” The Oslo-based trio showcases their musical prowess and captivating songwriting, setting the stage for their highly anticipated debut album Trying to Define New Punk.

“Brexit Girl” is a sonic rollercoaster that hooks listeners with infectious melodies and mesmerizing guitar riffs. The band expertly navigates the track, introducing a seamless drum switch halfway through that adds an unexpected and intriguing twist. The inclusion of uplifting wooden percussion and delicate xylophone notes infuses the song with a sense of hope, creating an emotional depth.

As a collective, Dancing the Conga excels in their vocal and lyrical contributions, with each member lending their unique perspective. Øyvind Skjerdal, Henrik Lillehaug, and Gudmund Guren form a thoughtful, caring, and loving trio whose chemistry is evident in their music.

Having recently wrapped up their first tour in Norway and signing with the esteemed label LEKK, Dancing the Conga is making waves in the punk scene. “Brexit Girl” not only tackles the subject of Brexit, but also explores themes of love and death, blending personal and political narratives.

With their infectious energy and thought-provoking lyrics, Dancing the Conga proves themselves as a band to watch ahead of their forthcoming album. Give “Bexit Girl” a spin below: