Datenight – Poor Exchange (Premiere)

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Rowdy and Evocative Punk to Start Your Week

We are very pleased to exclusively bring you the latest single from Nashville based, Rowdy Punk Three-Piece Datenight.
Despite what their name might suggest, there’s nothing civilized, fancy or pretentious about these guys. Their music is simple, raw and evocative. Capable of inciting a riot, while still striking a chord on an emotional level. Now out of high school, these kids are on a constant touring stint, playing their brand of jangley post punk/ pop wherever they can. Showing a musical nouse way beyond their years, the future is certainly bright for the Nashville trio.
The new single is vintage right from the off. With simple, repetitive and effective chord progressions providing the foundation for rowdy, aggressive chanted lyrics. The whole track has an incredibly DIY feel to the production, Lofi and raw music in it’s purest form.
Datenight talks about what the track means to them below,

“Poor Exchange is about wanting what you don’t have. And it’s about dealing with that because it’s easy to get angry when things work out for other people and not yourself. But you just have to learn to get over that and move on. That’s what the song means to me. This song is one of the ones we recorded by ourselves so it sounds unique in that way because we did it with just a few mics and pretty much recorded it all throughout one night — when we do it ourselves we’re not on anyone else’s time you know? I just remember it was super late once it was all done but that’s how we like to record. It’s always more fun when everyone feels crazy cause they’ve been up so long.”