Death Hags, “Earthbound”

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Lola Jean brings a meticulous, minimalist ear and eye to her art working under the moniker Death Hags. It’s this attention to detail that makes her music enveloping without being overwhelming as the warm electronics and her ethereal vocals hold sway.

Today, Impose Magazine is happy to bring you the latest from Death Hags in the form of a music video for single “Earthbound.” The buoyant, bubbling cosmic energy exudes naturally from Jean as the track whirrs along delightfully.

“‘Earthbound’ is about the feeling of coming back to life,” Jean shares. “It’s that moment when you overcome grief to see the world with new eyes — grief over what the earth is going through, the inevitability and the scale of it, but also personal trauma.

The video is an homage to the sci-fi cult classic The Man Who Fell to Earth, but unlike the character played by David Bowie in the film, the cosmonaut in the video rediscovers a connection to the earth and himself.”

Watch Death Hags in “Earthbound” below and be sure to follow her here for more.