Edith Shares New Single – Don’t Wanna Think

London-based songwriter Edith is a force to be reckoned with for 2019..

Born in Romania, she soon found herself moving to London in search of a more creative path. Writings songs at school on her piano, was her outlet to vocalise emotions. She soon learnt to play guitar, realising that music was her only real path.

She soon crossed paths with London production outfit The Sonic Crew, who worked with her to bring her music to life. The result is an EP due out this Spring. The first single Don’t Wanna Think, is available below.

Don’t Wanna Think is an incredibly significant song for me, it was written at just 16, when I was experiencing a lot of new feelings for the first time. The message behind the song is that no matter how much we know someone isn’t right for us, or someone hurt us our hearts still crave the feeling of them being with us, so we struggle to let go. Sometimes we struggle to let go of the memories, the feeling and all because we get used to having someone there for us. I never knew how I really felt about the relationship until I wrote this song, then it all made sense to me.