Emma Philine – ’17 2 20′

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Rising German electronic pop star shares riveting new EP

Channeling the production style and uniqueness of her contemporaries such as Arca and Banks, one of Germany’s hottest rising talents Emma Philine drops her stunning new electronica project 17 2 20. Displaying all sides of hyperpop and electro pop, the EP was crafted in close collaboration with producer and manager Zoetrop, and it’s a record that showcases Emma’s devilish creative impulses.

“My sketches are characterized by a certain anti-aesthetic and they are always about the same archetype: the Ego, the Devil,” she shared.

The EP starts with the pulsating low rumble of most recent single “Ghost of Mine,” a synth-rich, half-time tapestry that perfectly complements Emma’s haunting yet delicate vocals. Meanwhile, the single “Roses” is a gloriously disjointed piece filled with digital quirks and detuned synth elements. “Slow” has a beautifully jarring feel to it, lush with unique perc layers and a thick analogue bassline.

“I’ve decided to call the EP 17 2 20 because all songs were written in the time between 2017 when Zoetrop and I first met and 2020,” Emma shared.

“A long time has passed between writing, finishing and now releasing those songs. It can be really tricky to promote songs which are that old. Your style changes, your choice of words in the lyrics, simply you as a person. And now, when I’m looking at the whole EP, it’s like looking at a different version of myself. A version that I can empathize with even though I’m not her anymore. This project represents my hard path through therapy, broken hearts, bad self esteem, all of that.”

Give Emma Philine’s 17 2 20 below: