Exasperation Premieres "Not Feeling Great" and "Million Points of Light"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

As a pair of singles, “Not Feeling Great” and “Million Points Of Light” couldn’t work any better together. The two songs come from Sand Diego-based longtime friends and collaborators Garrett Prange and David Mead, or as they’re known on stage, Exasperation. These two tracks have an equally strong bond, both full of fuzz and dissonance that will linger around in your head for days.

“Not Feeling Great” is the noisier, harsher of the two tracks, composed of a thick cloud of feedback and layered with some reverberant guitar.

On “Million Points Of Light,”  we get a more post punk track, with guitar riffs that are snaking and moody.
Exasperation‘s sound is tight and with these two singles, we can gage how well the duo works as a project, both in terms of aesthetics and in collaboration.