Fetch Tiger – Walking to Camera

Post Author: Kelly Kerrigan

Brooklyn indie duo conjures mesmerizing & heartfelt debut album

On Walking to Camera, Fetch Tiger strips away the fictional characters tales’ they leaned heavily on in their past EPs and tells tales of their own; and ironically, with that comes a sense of vulnerability that seeps through the songs on this record, making it feel like it could belong to no one else other than them. 

One of the highest points of the record, “The Morning After Everything Broke,” is one of the lowest points for our dear narrator. It’s not only beautiful in words, but sonically it’s mesmerizing with the echoey pleading, the just-barely whispered verses, and the dramatically plucked ukulele. “Our Love Was Fading” admits awareness of the unrequited truth with a seductive, silky baseline. “Psychosomatic” dares to dream up an entire life with a person the singer has only “one shared memory” of, with a bouncy chorus that sounds like a pop star may have written it. 

“Fighter,” the first single released on the record, heavily beats to the themes of the cinema. As though dropped into a film yourself, the listener is pulled between the “camera’s” point of view; the narrator yells, “Don’t you know that / I’m fighting all of that too,” begging for their screen time. In moments like these, Fetch Tiger’s writing abilities strengthen into fruition through their own stories. 

The duo leans into themselves and each other on this record sharing their most embarrassing moments, guilty pleasures and worst fears. Even in their deepest anxieties, they still experiment with new sounds, themes and genres; Walking to Camera is groovy; “Austin Powers” is meticulously produced; “Rodeo” and the foreboding “The Other Side.” With each different song, listeners can begin to distinguish their unique writing and instrumental styles, while also seeing the fluidity in their combined talents. 

It truly feels as though Fetch Tiger’s Lorenzo Montali and Tanner Davis have written, directed, and starred in their own movie on Walking to Camera

The debut record was produced by Brooklyn’s TOLEDO and released on March 15, 2024. Fetch Tiger is playing an album release show in New York City at Mercury Lounge on March 21st and then embarking on an East Coast tour. 

You can check out those tour dates and give the album a spin below:

3/21 NYC, Album Release Show at Mercury Lounge
3/26 Nashville at The Underdog 
3/27 Atlanta at The Inner Space 
3/28 Charlotte at Petra’s Bar 
3/29 Asheville at Static Age Records 
3/30 Raleigh at Neptunes Parlour 
4/5 Washington DC at The Pocket 
4/6 Baltimore at The Crown