Fire In The Radio, "New Air"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Fire In The Radio is a Philly band for fans of:

  • Jawbreaker
  • The Promise Ring
  • Weezer
  • Jets To Brazil

“New Air” is inversely the title of their new album, marking the outfit’s second full-length record, with Telemetry in 2015. New Air was recorded with Steve Poponi at Gradwell House studios. Its release is a precursor to a new series of tour dates, including a performance at this year’s Pouzza Fest in Montreal.
Here’s what the band has to say about their new release:

“As we were finalizing the record, we settled on the title ‘New Air’ both for the album and for this track because it felt like an accurate reflection of the evolving direction we’ve been going since our last record, and because it underscores what we believe is the strong need for arts and creativity in this current climate.”

As an indie-punk ballad, the drawn-back vocals of “New Air” illustrate a phenomenal contrast to the soaring instrumentation found throughout the track. Taking a breath just before the latter third of the song, you find yourself happily lost in the noise and emotion of the chaos that eventually closes it out.

Officially, New Air is released on May 5th — but in the meantime, you can keep in-the-know with Fire In The Radio on their Facebook.