Ghost Pressure, "Tidal Shift"

Post Author: Ian Schneider
New York quintet Ghost Pressure is back with a new single “Tidal Shift”, which provides their fans a glimpse of what is coming up for the band.  This song is instilled with a great amount of energy by band members Nicholas Post (guitar, vocals), Dave Hodgkinson (guitar and vocals), Nicholas Femister (bass), and Karina McMahon (drums).  The group came together in 2014, and have been able to fuse alternative rock and pop sounds in a genuine display of collaboration.
“Tidal Shift” opens with a distinct bass line that draws the listener in and then hits them with a catchy alt-rock sound.  The vocals are brought to the forefont with, intermingling with the guitar in the best way possible.  the background vocals also provide an ominous, yet uplifting, vibe that is upheld throughout the entirety of the song.  Harmonies are abundant and give this single its signature sound.

You can get more information about Ghost Pressure and their upcoming projects here.