Go Fever, "Come Undone"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Go Fever was formed by Australian singer/songwriter Acey Monaro in 2016, but to better understand the story behind “Come Undone”, you’d have to rewind to 2013. Back then, Monaro was recording her solo debut EP with Brad Bell (War On Drugs, Arcade Fire, Spoon).

“Come Undone” is about how Monaro’s life rearranged beautifully after serendipitously meeting Ben Burdick, Go Fever bass player and Monaro’s husband.
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Monaro wrote the lyrics to the track in the local Halcyon cafe, which she didn’t revisit until years later, when working with Go Fever on their self-titled LP, which is out on Feb. 24th.
“Come Undone” is an undeniably surf pop melody that passes by rather quickly, at just under 3 minutes. At around the 1:30 mark, Monaro’s mid-song crisis comes to light: “I lost my backbone / I threw caution in a cyclone / My life’s come undone”.
Most strikingly, at the conclusion of Go Fever’s new release is a great calm and acceptance of the chaos. The resolution of the ‘mid-song crisis’ is left entirely up to the listener. Monaro’s charming vocal arrangements are incredibly accessible, featuring a handful of truly memorable hooks.
You can find Go Fever on their pages here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram