Grace Corsi – Downriver

L.A. singer-songwriter conjures life-affirming album of jazz, soul & folk sounds

Downriver, the debut album from Grace Corsi, is a soul-stirring journey through the realms of jazz and soul, reflecting the artist’s multifaceted state of mind with poetic grace. Across 12 enchanting tracks, Corsi masterfully intertwines her adoration for acoustic instrumentation, heartfelt lyricism, and a yearning for positive change – creating a musical tapestry that captivates the soul.

With each track serving as a letter to her past and future selves, Corsi delves deep into inner conflicts while embracing self-compassion, curiosity, and wonder. The album’s songs, ranging from contemplative to angsty, sensitive to brash, encapsulate the intricate complexities of life, resonating with authenticity and emotional depth.

Downriver is an act of self-exploration and integration, a testament to Corsi’s artistic evolution. With diverse moods and textures brought to life by her collaborators, Corsi’s music is profoundly hopeful, offering a path to healing, compassion, joy, and wonder.

Having graced venues across Seattle, New York, and Amsterdam, Corsi’s musical journey is a testament to her dedication and talent. Mentored by esteemed musicians like Kathleen Grace and Patrice Rushen, Corsi continues to push musical boundaries.

You can give Grace Corsi’s Downriver a spin below: