Hanlans, "Bells (Sleep)"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Bells (Sleep)”, the new track from Toronto based solo act Hanlans is an atmospheric avant pop gem. The track starts with delicate ambiance, we hear a xylophone loop and Hanlans’ (aka Michael Cranston) quiet croon. “Bells (Sleep)” slowly opens up, there is an addition of an 8-second drum loop and the lyrics: I sleep/Like I’m falling for. A little after the two minute mark, “Bells (Sleep)” transforms into something expansive, a dream pop track worth shouting along to. Recorded when Cranston was “half asleep” and not really sleeping general, “Bells (Sleep)” could be considered a lullaby, or perhaps, something that keeps you awake, because you can’t stop thinking.

“Bells (Sleep)” comes from Hanlans’ upcoming EP,  Hanlans, out in April.