Har-Di-Har, "We Must Stand Up"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Art-pop duo Har-Di-Har has a new single called “We Must Stand Up”, and it is as thoughtful as it is catchy. Julie Thoreen (voice, keyboards, midi sampling) and Andrew Thoreen (voice, guitar, bass, trombone, drums) have created something very unique, music that actually has substance and a rich meaning. A lot of the music around us today is just pumped out quickly for hits and money, but this Saint Paul, MN based band is taking a different route, and the effort shows.
This single is one big call to action.

“We must stand up
But you just stay down
Don’t stay down!
We move together
Don’t stay down!”

This chorus rings out as both Julie and Andrew sing it together. This is very applicable to the times we are living in, considering social injustices and the like. Not only is this song incredibly thoughtful, it is beautifully constructed and pleasing to the musical palate.

we will will you is out September 29th . Har-Di-Har will be playing IceHouse in Minneapolis MN on October 6th with Elle PF and Hiponymous. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page.