inDJnous ft. Blu & Tanya Morgan, "You Sound"

Anaheim-based DJ/Producer inDJnous has made his name on the 1s and 2s, but now he’s in his other bag: producing. He’s DJed at Rock The Bells, Paid Dues, and The Art of Rap, and his latest offering is a track sure to please the hip-hop purists who populate those shows. inDJnous released “You Sound” today, a soulful track featuring Blu and “Brooklynati’s” finest, Tanya Morgan.
The track shows off inDJnous’ DJ skills, as he takes a vintage sample and chops it up into a graceful head nodder ripe for Blu, Von Pea and Donwill to do their thing over. Blu, fresh off the release of In The Beginning: Before The Heavens, turns in a solid verse, and Tanya Morgan follow up with their own verses about the power of words and being “the center of the cypher.” With the bars they spat on “You Sound,” all three could be just that any day of the week.
You can stream “You Sound” below.