Inude – “Okay, It’s Monday”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Italian indie-psych trio shares warm & reverby new single

Italian indie-psych trio Inude has been creating unique and forward-thinking indie music over the past few years. Born in the south of Italy, Giacomo, Flavio and Francesco first formed their group in 2014. Their latest single showcases the direction they’ve been taking over the past few singles, incorporating analogue synths and warm electronic elements across a psychedelic indie palette. 

The trio has experienced a staggered year after their last album tour was cancelled after just a few gigs due to Covid. Their new single is the result of having time to explore and experiment with their sound.

“It’s Monday again, you need to wake up, start another day. But what is the arrival point? What is the end goal? Routine, boredom, habits—they all scare me as it scares me to look myself in the mirror during these times, when I’ve been feeling unstable and bored, looking for answers in places which can only feed me new questions,” Inude shared.

Give “Okay, It’s Monday” a spin below: