Jed Holland – No More Talking

Rising singer-songwriter’s combines indie-folk and neo-soul on excellent new EP

Jed Holland, a luminary in the music scene, returns with his latest project No More Talking. As a songwriter, performer and producer, Jed’s musical journey is marked by a rich tapestry of influences, from folk legends like Bob Dylan to his experiences in an indie-folk band and collaborations with diverse artists.

“Shelter” stands out as a delicate and intricately produced gem, exploring the realms of emotive neo-soul with Jed’s soft, consistent tone. The EP promises a diverse sonic journey, with tracks like “Everythings Changed,” “Still Breathing” and “Souless,” showcasing a range of instrumentation and musical sensibilities. Jed Holland’s artistry, shaped by a lifetime of musical passion, captivates with its beauty and depth, leaving an indelible mark on the evolving landscape of contemporary music.

Jed says about the lead single: ”Shelter’ was written 6 years ago just after I’d left college and moved to Leeds for uni. The song alludes to a common internal conflict I’d go through during periods where I felt particularly anxious or unstable in my mood – my natural ‘self protection’ response when I felt like this would often be to shut myself away from others which would always result in me feeling even more lonely and isolated than I did before. During these periods, another part of me would be simultaneously fighting to convince myself to go outside and see people which I knew would probably help, but doing this felt like a huge mountain to climb when I’d already developed a habit of becoming so reclusive.

You can give the record a spin below: