Jet Trash, "Virgin"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Los Angeles based four piece Jet Trash knows how to create simple, straightforward, and pure rock. Their latest, “Virgin,” off of upcoming EP Shake, is rough around the edges with a nonchalant groove. Shake was recorded at New Monkey, Elliott Smith’s old studio. It makes sense that their sound is as charmingly chaotic as it is, since the EP was produced by Grammy-nominated Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, Bleached, Bloc Party).
In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound’s Michelle Geslani, bassist/singer Fassino added, “We want to make people feel something direct, tapping into their more base emotions.” “Virgin” does just that, with grungy guitars and thrashing melodies to boot. We feel the release of frustration, and the relief that comes from their music.

Jet Trash’s newest EP, Shake, is out 5/12. Keep up with them here