Johnny Gates – Baseball

In preparation for his upcoming Ep, ‘not a burnt cd’ that releases early next year, Johnny Gates has just released ‘baseball’. Working with producer David Labrel, ‘baseball’ expands on Johhny’s own life experiences, resulting in a vulnerable and honest release.

“I grew up playing baseball, and I remember hearing pretty quickly from my dad, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. And I think life is a lot like that. So when writing this song, I wanted to reference my favorite sport, and some specific examples from my life, where, even if I didn’t come out with a win, I still have some amazing memories to hang on to.”

Building around a warm acoustic guitar that unfolds as a storytelling powerhouse, his timeless songwriting sensibilities are brought to the forefront. The promising new artist effortlessly channels the iconic singer-songwriters of yesteryear, showcasing his sheer level of talent and producing a track that demands to be heard.