Kefeider – “Chicken Out”

Norwegian psych pop artist drops introspective track

Kefeider‘s latest single “Chicken Out” is a nostalgic and introspective track that encourages listeners to reflect on the unexpected paths life can take us on. Inspired by a chance encounter with an old friend, Kefeider urges us to take a moment and reminisce about the dreams and hopes we had for the future.

As Kefeider sings, we are reminded that time flies by and sometimes our current reality is in stark contrast to what we imagined for ourselves years ago. But rather than dwell on these differences, Kefeider encourages us to embrace the present and enjoy the company of those we care about. The song’s title, “Chicken Out,” is a playful nod to the idea of taking risks and facing our fears, even if the outcome may not be what we expect.

Overall, “Chicken Out” is a beautiful reminder to cherish the present and appreciate the journey we are on, no matter how different it may be from what we originally planned. Kefeider’s thoughtful lyrics and soulful vocals make this song a must-listen for anyone in need of a little introspection and reflection.

“Imagine you’re walking down the street, when all of sudden you bump into an old friend from way back,” he explained about the track. “As you catch up on each other’s lives, you’re both reminded of all the dreams and hopes you had for the future. The future was bright and now the future is here. You realize what an unexpected path you’ve chosen in stark contrast to what you told yourself 10-15 years ago. (So, why not plan a lunch you both know will never happen?)”

You can give it a spin below: