Klozapin, Portal B

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

On May 1st, Klozapin – comprised of Jack Walter (drums), Paul Simone (bass), Andy Sky (vocals, guitar), and Mitch Todorov (vocals, guitar, keys) – will release their brand new (and Facebook rumors to be last) album to the world, an eleven track feat titled Portal B. We’re streaming the album – mixed and mastered by Andy Sky and engineered by Sky and Hack Walter – exclusively ahead of release day.
A layered, whirring, moody testament to the beauty of psych pop, the album maintains a steadfast, relatively upbeat tempo through the hard guitar licks and lightweight, ethereal keys. The vocals are light and blissful, lending themselves to the idea that this album must have come from another world, and we’re down to explore different galaxies with this as the theme song.
If nothing else, it’s the perfect soundtrack to a springtime BBQ, or a “trip” in the woods.

Portal B is out on May 1st. Keep up with Klozapin via Facebook.