Knxwledge, 'HEX.10.8_'

Post Author: Andre G

Prolific LA-based producer Knxwledge has provided us what else but more heat with his HEX.10.8_ beat tape. After dropping WT.PRT.11_ last month, he’s delivered 10 more gems showcasing his eclectic, sample-based hip-hop production. The project puts an abstract spin on traditional tastes, with thick drums playing the base for disparate, whirling vocal chops, from ripe-for-sing-along harmonies to vocal chops that evoke the spirit of ’90s hip-hop.
He even breaths new light into relatively forgotten jams like Jagged Edge’s “I Got It Remix” with Nas. treating the vocals to jazzier production. “Dordie” is a project standout, featuring a majestic soundscape for a sleek love song. Overall, the project is another strong offering of Knxwledge’s dynamism as fans await his upcoming collaboration project with Earl Sweatshirt.
You can stream HEX.10.8_ below.