Night Click, "Tear It All Apart"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Switching coasts after the so-called quarter-life crisis carries different meanings depending on which way you’re going. In the case of the now LA-based songwriter Michael Klics, this meant shifting landscapes to continue to be awed and inspired by natural beauty not skyscrapers.
Klics’ debut album as Night Click carries over a more natural approach to music and storytelling from his origins near the Appalachian Mountains, drawing influences from classic American songwriters. All of this bundled with the artist’s deft touch in characterization, poetic lyrics and a wry sense of humor sprinkled in for good measure.
The Drug Store Ceiling finds Klics working with producer Pierre De Reeder (Rilo Kiley, She and Him, Tim Heidecker) and features appearances by artists including Adam Pumilia (ex Delicate Steve) and Tyler Cash (Mayer Hawthorne).
Today, Impose Magazine is hosting the exclusive premiere of the album’s latest single, “Tear It All Apart,” which showcases Klics’ talents in crafting layered, vivid, amber-hued landscapes that continuously evolve and swell throughout.
Klics shares, “This song’s about messing something up, and violin solos.”

The Drug Store Ceiling is out July 21st via self-release. Pre-orders will be live here.