NO ICE, "The Cemetary"

Post Author: Michael Brummett


Beginning as a casual recording project between Jamie Frey (vocals / guitars) and Jesse Katz (drums), the music vision of NO ICE was seen to fruition bu producer Oliver Ignatius from Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen. With their initial sets culminating in a full length debut album (Come On Feel The NO ICE), a profound influence on the group were The Lemonheads.
Originally a part of NYC rock n’ roll band The Brooklyn What, they have regularly earned recognition as one of the “Hardest Working Bands of 2016” by Oh My Rockness, playing 25 shows this past year.
Often playing charity shows for various causes, there are a great many reasons to respect NO ICE, who have supported: Planned Parenthood, The Ali Forney Center, Bernie Sanders’ campaign, the victims of the 2016 Orlando shooting, and many more.
Playing a January 6th, 2017, release show at Shea Stadium, NO ICE’s vinyl edition of Come On Feel The NO ICE will be celebrated along with other NYC greats Sharkmuffin, Thick, and Milk Dick.


“The Cemetary” is a cheery song that is lyrically reflective. At first, if you aren’t sold, you should give NO ICE a chance and listen through to the end. Growing in complexity and enjoyment as it progresses, “The Cemetary” and its accompanying video are fairly intimate, and true to form.


If you would like to check out more of their music, or support their album, you can visit their Bandcamp.