Office for Personal Development – “You Are In Control”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

U.K. synth band offers uniquely satirical look at modern life

We can be all we want to be, right now, if me and you never believe the way it is is how it has to be.

UK-based indie-synth group Office for Personal Development open their new single with the rousing mission statement above, contextualizing a throw-back new single “You Are In Control.” Rich in Pet Shop Boys-esque synth layers and ’80s nostalgia, it’s a track that’s full of socio-political commentary and drum machine magic. 

The Office for Personal Development was founded by its current Director, Trevor Deeble, in 2020. As the son of two civil servants, his musical output reflects his apathy towards the machine-churn of modern life. He spent a lot of time moving countries during his upbringing before eventually studying art at London’s prestigious Goldsmiths. 

The new single comes with two stock-footage and motivational quotes…drenched in sarcasm

The difference between having a dream and having a goal is having a plan.” – Trevor Deeble.

“There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to accept that you’re no longer a shiny new penny. That’s when you need to become cold, hard cash” – Trevor Deeble.

Give the track and video a spin below: