Perhapsy, "O, Su Yung"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

“O, Su Yung,” the new single Perhapsy opens and closes in a whirlpool of guitar driven dissonance. Perhapsy is the solo project of Derek Barber who is originally from the midwest but now makes music in Oakland where he’s played guitar for people like Madeline Kenney and bands like Bells Atlas. In his new single, that serious guitar skill plays out in the form of well crafted lines of reverb and scuzz that wax and wane their way into a hazy wall of sound.
“O, Su Yung” is full of reverie: Perhapsy’s vocals and lyrics feeling like they come straight out of the headspace of a rainy summer day. When combined with all of the track’s noise, “O, Su Yung” becomes an ideal track that can be situated somewhere in between experimental pop and shoegaze. The track comes from

Perhapsy‘s latest EP The, is out on March 24th on Copper Mouth and on Wave Dweller.