Psychic Shakes – “Unfold You”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

English indie rocker drops poignant single off upcoming LP Forever Now

The past few years have certainly been times of upheaval universally, but for Max McLellan, who records as Psychic Shakes, that’s a bit of an understatement. His debut LP, Forever Now, charts the artist’s journey of moving away from home, becoming a father and having your whole world evolve around you while still grappling with the complexities of emotional growth.

The album’s final single, “Unfold You,” is an understated bedroom-pop gem that brings you straight into the heart of the matter. A winding acoustic guitar and skittering drums pull you in as the track strikes a pensive mood like staring out towards a rippling sea.

“‘Unfold You’ is a reflection on romantic relationships,” McLellan shares in a statement. “But ones that weren’t right. Highly personal lyrical themes touch on depression, loss of self, as well as a brief reference to his struggles with Epilepsy. Arguably the most melancholy track on the album, references to a kind of emotional ‘aphasia’ highlight the feelings of being caught in love for the wrong reasons. 

In a letter McLellan wrote to his partner Maddy he described being around her as similar to ‘coming up for air’ after spending all day underwater, which was the inspiration for the opening lyrics of the song.”

Forever Now is out November 17th and you can listen to “Unfold You” along with previous singles “Home” and “Fifteen Forever” below.