Ryan Egan, "Easy To Lose"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Ryan Egan, the New York based indie artist, is releasing his latest single “Easy To Lose” this week.  With a vocal quality reminiscent of “The More You Ignore Me” by Morrissey, Egan has mastered a song that has an ethereal aspect to it that will transcend genres.
Talking about the track, Egan says: “‘Easy To Lose’ is a clear reflection of the sound I’ve been chasing forever.  The song has an atmosphere of tension both lyrically and sonically.  It’s a melancholic dance track that aims to mirror our most human experience; the balancing act of dealing with emotional hardships while we attempt to carry on about our business.”
“Easy To Lose” was written and produced by Ryan Egan.  It was engineered, mixed and produced by Ariel Loh.

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