Savoy – “Digital River”

Indie-synthpop trio returns with enchanting & psychedelic new single

Savoy, the musical brainchild of Paul Waaktar-Savoy, renowned for his involvement with A-ha, stages an impressive comeback with their latest single, “Digital River.” The trio, comprised of Paul himself, his wife Lauren Savoy, and drummer Frode Unneland, masterfully melds elements of synthpop and indie-rock into an enchanting sonic blend. 

By seamlessly weaving acoustic drums, electric guitar, layered vocals, and captivating synths, Savoy conjures a rich auditory experience. Drawing inspiration from the dark, magnetic vibes of ’80s goth and new wave genres, the group adds their own unique touch, crafting music that simply mesmerizes.

“It’s an all-out, straight-up pop song with a layered vocal arrangement and a lyric that talks about our digital lives and how we rate our virtual experiences next to our ‘real’ ones,” says Paul about the track.

You can give “Digital River” a spin below: