Secret Colours, Dream Dream

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Dream Dream is the fourth LP for Chicago based band Secret Colours. The quartet, comprised of Tommy Evans, Mike Novak, Max Brink, and Matt Yeates, has created an album with a definite nod to the 70’s with a mix of “indie, pop, psychedelia, and garage rock”.
The longest of the twelve songs on the album clocks in at 3:44 (“Feed the Machine”) and each of the twelve pack a lot of music into short bursts of time. “Boom Boom” hits you with an intense base line, and then adds in an organ that could have been featured on a song by The Doors. “Dream Dream” tips its’ hat to the band Chicago.
Tommy Evans’ vocals have a character that would be at home in a variety of genres. While the songs have a nostalgic ring to them, there is a very fresh quality to the music of Secret Colours that will make you want to add Dream Dream to your summer playlist.
Dream Dream was recorded at Dandy Sounds Studios with engineer/producer Dan Duzsynski.

Track List:
1. Another World
2. Dream Dream
3. Pins and Needles
4. Hold Me Up
5. Places I’m Going
6. Interlude
7. Feed the Machine
8. Changes in Nature
9. Boom Boom
10. Save Me
11. Habitual Ritual
12. Carry On
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