Secret Colours, "Habitual Ritual"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Secret Colours, a psychedelic-pop quartet from Chicago, have a new album titled “Dream Dream” coming out in July.  Leading up to the release, there are a slew of singles, including “Habitual Ritual”, which calls upon different rock and pop aspects to create a joyful rhythm that makes the listener want to get up and dance.
The sound created by Tommy Evans (Lead Vocal, Guitar), Mike Novak (Guitar), Max Brink (Bass), and Matt Yeates (Drums), is almost something that you might hear in a transition scene in a Austin Powers film.  You wouldn’t tell by their sound that they are from the states but instead that they had taken a time machine from 1970s London.  The sound of the tambourine keeps the melody, while guitar and harmonies tie the song together.  “I just want to be myself” echoes throughout the song, calling for individual creativity in a conforming society.

For more information about Secret Colours, you can visit their interactive website.