Senator, "April Moon"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Beginning with a creaky, fuzzed out sample of vocals and piano, “April Moon” quickly moves from quiet to absolutely cinematic. The new track comes from the Lancaster born singer songwriter Senator and over the course of five minutes we enter a dramatic lyrical landscape.
Says Senator of the track, “This is the last song on the album and the last one I wrote. This song’s about peeling away all the layers, stripping away all your defenses and facades and leaving yourself totally vulnerable for someone to see and experience the real you. In other words, it’s about raw, unabashed, kinky sex. It’s my favorite song to perform live because I get to let loose and get lost in the song.”
The song tells the story of a passionate relationship, full of rule breaking and confronting of demons. “April Moon” nods its head heavily at ’90s alt rock, featuring big electric guitar buildups and isolated moments of piano and drums. Paired with Senator’s equally big, indie rock ready vocals, “April Moon” is a passionate ride.

“April Moon” comes from the artist’s debut EP Tiny Monsters, out March 10th.