Slum Village ft. Q-Tip, "Hold Tight Lost Remix"

Post Author: Andre G

From the Spring cleaning applies to rap files, Slum Village has recently unearthed a “lost” remix of their “Hold Tight” track with Q-Tip. Tip and A Tribe Called Quest, who recently released their final video, were the standard-bearers for the jazzy, smooth sound that Slum Village followed. It’s only natural that the two acts linked up on Slum Village’s canonic Fantastic, Vol. 2.
Today, the track was treated to a modern re-imagining. Tip presciently rhymes “this is the last time you hear me” in a retroactively potent verse over thumping drums and a groovy bassline. The “Hold Tight remix” relies on a similar minimalist soundscape to the original, but there are some fresh brandishings apparent on the track.
The song is from their upcoming Lost Scrolls Vol. 2 project, which they have phrased as “additional relics.” The group was wise to not just re-release alternate versions of their tracks, but to do what they can to retouch them and make them sound fresh for 2018. You can purchase “Hold Tight” from iTunes here.