Sour Blue – ‘Schema’ EP

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

The Los Angeles collective debuts their hypnotic swirl of hazy, jammy rock & electronica

The Los Angeles-based audiovisual collective Sour Blue – which boasts an impressive cadre of musicians, producers and artists – steps into the spotlight with their hypnotic debut EP Schema. A perfect storm of digital and analogue textures that straddle several different genres from rock to electronica, pop, and R&B, Schema morphs and metabolizes into a dreamy, kaleidoscopic journey at each sonic and visual turn.

Sour Blue comprises the multi-hyphenates of Polysonic Bloom, CGI dog, John War, Dorvin Borman, and Kris Pitzek, and together they’ve conjured a collection of songs that masterfully balances many different musical and thematic ideas. While the individual tracks on Schema all differ from one to the next, everything feels cohesively serene and slithery in execution. The record’s nimble, dreamy interludes and samples lend well to a visual storytelling component, which the band has also unleashed upon the world. “Inspired by works from PPPANIK, paketa12, & bileam tschepe,” the accompanying visualizer yields a transfixing viewing experience on top of the intoxicating quality of the tunes. You can watch that film below, and purchase Sour Blue’s Schema HERE.