Tacobitch – “Bussy”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Norwegian electronic collective returns with another unique, sprawling single

Enigmatic and unique in the delivery of their outstanding electronic music, Norway’s Tacobitch first appeared on our radar with their last single in the winter of 2020. Now the incredibly talented outfit have returned with another piece that perfectly draws the line between punk, electronica and hyperpop. “Bussy” fuses these elements with drum & bass and almost everything in between. It’s an outstanding track with a visceral energy that’s impossible to describe as anything other than totally, wholly unique.

Tacobitch were conceived thanks to a toxic and rebellious relationship. Living together, exploring music and testing the limits of each other’s patience, they soon began channeling that angst into musical expression.

“Our agenda has been to completely merge music, dance and costume visuals into new exalted practices and expressions,” the group shared. “We see it as musicians being dancers and dancers being musicians, we don’t see ourselves as separated performers – and if people who experience us have a lot of fun and leave with some unanswered questions, we’re happy.”

Give “Bussy” a listen below: