The Bright Light Social Hour – Emergency Leisure

Austin-based psych rock band drops infectious, diverse sonic landscape

Austin-based band The Bright Light Social Hour have made a triumphant return with their captivating and electrifying new album Emergency Leisure. The 11-track project features a blend of funky basslines, dreamy electric guitars and energetic drums. Comprised of Jackie O’Brien (bass/vocals), Curtis Roush (guitar/vocals), and now joined by Mia Carruthers (keys/vocals), Zac Catanzaro (drums), and Juan Alfredo Ríos (percussion), the band has left us impressed by their infectious melodies and rhythms. 

The album takes us on an emotional rollercoaster with experimental tracks like “Death of a Lifer, and ” where growling guitars and distorted vocals come together to create a haunting and mesmerising experience.

Emergency Leisure presents a diverse sonic landscape, incorporating uplifting tracks infused with disco vibes, such as “Eating Out My Mind” and “Call My Name.” These songs contribute to the album’s dynamic range, evoking a range of emotions and keeping listeners engaged throughout the album’s journey. It’s a different vibe to their previous releases, which focused more on the psychedelic; this is a project that’s intrinsically about the groove. 

Speaking on the album, the band state:

“On the precipice of pandemic, we embarked on a tour that would eventually see the departure of two band members and a near-total pause of our careers. But in the midst of our confusion and before the curtains dropped, we had a cosmic night at Bar L’Escogriffe in Montreal. After our set, we set aside years of struggle and quite simply danced the night away. As Jack and I rebuilt the band in the twilight days of pandemic with new members Zac, Mia, and Alfredo, this night served as our North Star. In our home studio on Lake Travis outside Austin, we forged Emergency Leisure to bring this after-hours magic to our dear fans and listeners. We needed the break then, we certainly needed the break during the pandemic years, and we need it now all the same. Come dance the night away with us. We’ve missed you.”

Give The Bright Light Social Hour’s Emergency Leisure a spin below: