The Bright Light Social Hour – “Not New”

Austin, TX psychedelic band drops smoldering lead single off upcoming fifth LP Emergency Leisure

The Bright Light Social Hour‘s “Not New” is a captivating track that captures the essence of a late-night smoldering in a Québécois alley. With its groovy drums, psychedelic synths, and Mustang bass, the track takes listeners on a bewitching journey. Curtis Roush’s description of the song as “punctuated by three-part harmony, glitter and congas” is a fitting portrayal of the track’s radiant energy.

The single is the first release from the band’s fifth album Emergency Leisure – out August 2 (pre-order HERE) – a homespun moody after-hours soundtrack to strange times. With their ever-evolving sound, The Bright Light Social Hour has carved a unique niche in the indie psychedelic scene. The band’s explosive live performances and inventive sound have earned them critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

Overall, “Not New” is a testament to The Bright Light Social Hour’s creative prowess and a promising start to their fifth album. The band’s ability to create music that transports their listeners is sure to make “Emergency Leisure” a must-listen for fans of the genre. You can give the video a spin below: