The Mt. Joy Self-Titled Album Review

Post Author: Virginia Croft

There’s a lot to be said for taking stock, reflecting, and counting your blessings. Typically, it seems bands do this after their third or fourth album– an opportunity to thank those that have been there for the long run, the relationships they have watched grown. But for LA-via-Philly five-piece band Mt. Joy, they’re cutting to the chase and saying their thank yous on their self-titled debut.

Photo by Matt Everitt.

The plucky, looping backbone of “Dirty Love” brings to mind an influence of Andrew Bird, while its predecessor, album opener “I’m Your Wreck” holds anthem song along qualities similar to Young The Giant. It’s no wonder NPR Music named Mt. Joy a Favorite New Artist of 2018, their brand of folk-rock swirling in hints of garage, lo-fi, and surf rock.
There’s an overarching theme throughout the album of holding your loved ones close– a welcomed, necessary idea given the political climate and recent, tragic events. “Silver Lining” is a sort of road map to dealing with all of the darkness, encouraging the listener to “tell the ones you love you love them,” a simple but easily looked over gesture. The band performed this standout track on Conan at the end of January, and it’s a rewarding watch– the members’ artistic approach is so humbling and honest, it is pure joy. Below watch their live performance.

Throughout Mt. Joy, there are mumblings of religion and overcoming obstacles, “Astrovan” including a confident declaration that “Jesus drives an Astro van.” The thirteen tracks that compile the debut show that the band holds nothing back, writing strictly from their hearts, questioning nothing and bringing us a peek into their souls. Incredibly refreshing and full of grit, each track presents a new strategy for tackling life’s battles.
Mt. Joy is in for an exciting year, kicking off a 40+ date tour including SXSW, Shaky Knees, BottleRock, shows with The Head and the Heart, and more. Listening to their debut assures their shows will be full of appreciation, gratitude, and love.