The Spookfish, "Everything Is Moving So Fast"

Post Author: JP Basileo

For some, music provides a much needed form of escapism, and opens doors to realms much greater than the self. For Dan Goldberg, physical escape is essential, as well. Goldberg has been exploring his brand of musical experimentation under the moniker, The Spookfish, for sometime now, and is finally set to release his debut studio record, Black Hole, on April 21 via Fire Talk Records. His single, “Everything Is Moving So Fast,” politely asks you to accompany him to a deeper connection with the natural world, as a means for self-discovery and self-realization. It’s not so difficult, and it makes sense. For the last several years, Goldberg has been hosting mountain shows in Upstate New York, at which anyone and everyone willing and able can leave city life behind for a bit, hike, appreciate the wilderness, and enjoy live music in settings they normally wouldn’t enjoy live music.
On the track, his awareness and appreciation of the outdoors beams through in the opening whirlwind of phasing sound and samples of birds chirping, and footfalls of boots on crisp fallen leaves. It kind of hits you over the head, until it opens up to a small feeling (of feeling small), the crushed humility of a tinny acoustic guitar and a quiet, cracking voice. The song acts as its own getaway, an acknowledgement of the hustle and bustle of the known world’s majority, and a call to slow down and appreciate your time, even if you’re unable to leave an urban setting. Goldberg strums and sings as though to make aware his place in the world’s vastness; humbly and curiously, yet respectfully. These natural settings were here before him (us), they will be here after him (us)…hopefully.