The Vultures, Three Mothers Part 2

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

As they rev up for the release of their new album Three Mothers Part 2 on the 14th, London’s alternative sextet The Vultures – expertly comprised of Benjamin Etchells, Justine Cartier, Joan Gadea, Hannah Marchal, Andy Tsao, and Kate Coggins – have chosen to share the fruits of their labor with us first.
The six track stunner starts out slowly, with Etchells’ lazy, beautiful vocals setting the tone for what’s to come, singing tranquil lines such as “show me a world that’s right and I’ll be back again.” Second track “Suicide” really gets into a more rounded, rock n’ roll sound, maintaining the mid-tempo pace into “Le Dernier Jour”, which is delivered in English and French, and with a much more ethereal tone than its predecessor. “Rumplestilkskin” has a very theatrical feel to it, something we notice in some form or other throughout Three Mothers Part 2, and something we have come to love from The Vultures. “The Bat And I” picks up the pace even more – the most notable aspect leading the track being percussion – and fuels the fire for last track “Substance”, a largely melancholic track that ties back to the universal theme of searching for love.
If you’re looking for a theatrical composition, you will certainly find that in all six tracks on this release. It’s unique, with gothic, dark, rich tones that trail through with the strings and hold each track together. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

Three Mothers Part 2 is out April 14th via Ciao Ketchup. It is available for preorder now.