Thunder and Rain, "Babe, You're Gonna Leave Me"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Colorado based quartet Thunder and Rain have a catchy new single called “Babe, You’re Gonna Leave Me” debuting on June 2nd.  Peter Joseph Weber (Mandolin), Erinn Mae Peet-Lukes (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ian Haegele (Upright Bass, Vocals), and Chris Herbst (Dobro, Vocals), have created a sound that is rivaled by none.  Their fusion of country and alternative rock go in perfect harmony, and this is present in “Babe, You’re Gonna Leave Me”.

The beautiful lead vocals provided by Erinn are supported by a folksy melody and perfectly timed harmonies.  The lyrics are introspective, but instead of a solemn tone/beat, the single has an upbeat feel and makes you want to move.

The group is set to release their sophomore album, Start Believing, in September. For more information about Thunder and Rain, you can visit their website.