Tom Ashbrook – “Nocturne III”

The neoclassical composer captivates with latest single off highly anticipated upcoming LP

Liverpool-based neoclassical artist and composer, Tom Ashbrook, continues to captivate listeners with his latest single “Nocturne III” from his highly anticipated album. Known for his serene and masterful approach to neoclassical compositions, Ashbrook skillfully combines classical and electronic elements in this intricate and detailed track.

“Nocturne III” showcases Ashbrook’s love for both intricate percussion and a 4×4 beat, creating a unique fusion that sets the stage for the track’s melancholic progression. The introduction of a Four Tet-esque layered drum pattern adds depth and texture, laying the foundation for Ashbrook’s exquisite piano performance. The result is a mesmerizing piece that seamlessly merges classical elegance with contemporary production techniques.

With a distinctive sound that has gained global recognition, Tom Ashbrook has garnered critical acclaim and an impressive following. His mesmerizing productions have amassed millions of streams and have been featured on popular playlists across platforms. Praised by esteemed publications and having performed alongside renowned composers, Ashbrook’s reputation as a highly regarded artist in the music industry is well-deserved.

“Nocturne III” stands as a classical crossover masterpiece, positioning itself at the heart of Ashbrook’s album. With its blend of 19th-century piano influences and contemporary electronic elements, the track showcases his talent for creating a cinematic experience. Accompanied by a visually stunning “Black Mirror” style music video symbolizing ‘Nocturnal’ energies, Ashbrook takes listeners on a captivating journey that transcends time and genre. You can give that video a spin below: