Two Another, "World Demands It"

Post Author: Andre G

“Drop everything. Quit your job. Chase your passions.”
Depending on who you are, that advice could sound like gold – or the stupidest, most non-feasible thing you’ll hear today. For Sydney-bred, London-based electronic duo Two Another it was the former. In 2015, the group quit their jobs, moved to London, then recorded “World Demands It.” 7 million plus streams later, their decision to bet on themselves paid off. Fans took to their blend of soul, modern R&B and electronic on their debut eponymous EP.
Curiously, that first London collaboration is the lead single for their follow-up EP which is due this summer. The group has said that “World Demands It” shows off a “different side” of the duo, which collaborates with musicians and producers all over the world to achieve their sleek sonic aesthetic. Time will tell if the 3-minute composition, composed of a velvety bassline, soothing grooves, and gorgeous vocals means a back-to-the-future musical diversion for the group on their sophomore project, but if this is any indication it will probably work. Their talent demands it.
You can stream “World Demands It” below.