US Weekly, US Weekly

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Austin-based US Weekly (the band, not the zine) – expertly comprised of Christopher Nordahl (vocals), Ryan Fitzgibbon (guitar, vocals), Ryan Curtis (bass, vocals), and Kent Hale (drums) – releases their debut LP this week, an eleven track self-titled collection brimming with protest songs and lyrics that indicate they’re not a part of the current political agenda. Which is a freakin’ relief, as their music comes brimming with attitude and that quintessential punk sound that we’ve come to cherish in our “anti-The Man” tracks.
We didn’t want to leave anything out, so we’ve included quite a bit of background information from the band. What they’ve written about the LP is almost as beautiful as the release itself.

Our first LP marks a shift from solely looking inward, to examining the self in the context of our current larger society. Our roles up against a society that seems to be slowly or swiftly poisoning itself, depending on your point of view. And yet in the face of obvious societal ills, so many of us continue to look inward and act like reality isn’t quietly eating itself alive. iPhones, TV shows, computers, Twitter feeds, massive buildings created for big business disguised as “startups” with a foosball table in the break room and craft beer on tap from noon to five. Acting like brand integration and sponsored content isn’t based on collecting our data so larger powers can use it against us. It’s hard not to feel trapped in a machine that’s churning faster and fast every minute. Lower attention spans, higher tolerance for red dye number 3. And yet, ya gotta laugh cuz what else do we have?

Since we have access to everything, we didn’t limit ourself in the writing and recording process, but filtered a wide range of influence and source material through our own funnel. We feel like we’ve made something different, but familiar, and we hope you enjoy it. 

Oh, we will.

US Weekly is out May 5th via Night Moves.