VERSA, "This Is Where We Disappear"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Toronto based audio/visual collective VERSA has graced with another hauntingly beautiful instrumental track. “This Is Where We Disappear” was recorded at Royal Mountain in Toronto, and explores the line past a seemingly simple instrumental interlude– it is a complex track, undulating between our subconscious as the group’s leaders Alex Ricci and Monika Hauck show us how electrifying VERSA can be.
Regarding the track, bassist Alex Ricci added, “Even though our songs are instrumental, we still need a conceptual framework to guide our songwriting process, something to write about, a feeling, phrase or gesture. In this case we worked with a meta-narrative about developing the project itself and overcoming conceptual obstacles… This song was written about frustration in the artistic process, when things don’t come out the way you imagine them, when communication breaks down.”

Tour Dates
May 27 – Grickle Grass Festival, 21 Wharncliffe Rd S, London ON
June 1 – City of Kitchener, First Thursday at Goudies Lane, Kitchener ON
July 8 – McGill Granby Park, Toronto ON
August 4 – 6 – Meaford, ON Electric Eclectics Festival
August 11 – RMG Fridays, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa ON
VERSA is touring Ontario in support of the new track. Keep up with them here.